Our advanced Lagree Fitness certified instructors will have your sweating in your sticky socks



Friends. The back of the Megaformer is her favorite- she loves a good teaser. Don’t be afraid to let your sculpt show. Brooke loves a sweaty workout- plan to work hard to earn those happy hour cocktails. Spandex
totally counts as pants.

* Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified
* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



This bombshell splits her time between the salon and the studio. You won't find her anywhere but bed in the early AM but be ready to get sweaty with this chick post work workout. Brit won't let you quit..and with her energy on the mic, you won't want to.

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



Our resident workout pro. Michael has been in the fitness industry for years- personal training, group training, olympic lifting...and Lagree. He fell in love with the Method on his first shaky wheelbarrow. Watch out, he loves a two minute round of split squats to end a leg block.

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



Get ready. This tattooed Mega babe channels Britney every time she puts on the mic. She’s a certified member of the mermaid league. Her perpetual optimism will stick with you long after you’ve PLNK’d.
Good vibes only.

* Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified
* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



From yoga to boot camp to PLNK, this mega babe does it all! Katie's enthusiasm and love of fitness will keep you smiling through your toughest dancing bear. But don't let her sweet demeanor fool you. She loves the back of the machine and a killer core series. Good tunes and a good sweat guaranteed.



This competitive cheerleader turned boot camp instructor turned PLNK pro will ra ra you through a 50 minute sweat sesh. Don’t let her sweet personality fool you- she gives tickets when you stand up out of lunges. She’s kinda like a coral snake, sweet and pretty on the outside with a spicy
ass kicking personality.

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



Bailey stepped on the Megaformer two years ago and hasn't looked back. She loves a good leg series...Megaformer Pike to Plank is her favorite. Always pushing you to take it one count slower and one inch lower; get ready to crank up the tunes and let the good shakes roll. This chick sweats Lagree!

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



Don't let this Mega Momma deceive you. Annie is a lover of the heavy springs and she doesn't mind an eye roll when you're holding your bridge to hamstring curl. She sees your strength and reminds you to breath through your shakes.

* Bloom Method Pregnancy Certified
* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



Recently back to her hometown roots, she converted her LA Pilates passion into an STL Lagree love affair. She is obsessed with a sexy back and loves to fly her pushups. Inner thigh shakes make her proud!  Let your mind propel your body through her 50 minute Megaformer session. Good vibes, crazy beats and sweat are always included!   

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



From the Windy City, this Chicago native will blow you away with an intense Megaformer sesh every time.  As an adventure seeker and marathon runner,  her leg and ab series are everything!!! Her high energy, bumpin' beats, and maybe some dance moves around the studio are all you’ll need to get you through those shakes. 

*Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



This sassy sage queen fell in love with the Megaformer after her first shake. Harlee loves variations and will hit you with micro movements and holds throughout class - don’t worry, her smile will get you through it! Her playlists keep the vibe alive - you’ll wonder if it’s a shake or your body just bustin’ a move!



This boss babe has a work hard, play hard mentality and will have you embracing the shake throughout your class.  She loves a good leg series and her positive energy will make you want to keep your squats low and moves slow. 



Tim is a movement enthusiast, from yoga to high impact fitness and self defense to, of course, Lagree! After taking his first Lagree class he immediately knew the Method was something special. Tim LOVES a good hamstring curl and giant reverse kneeling crunch; expect high energy and a focus on alignment. Come breathe in to those shakes!



Don’t let the sweet voice on this bad ass teacher-mom fool you, Elizabeth will have you in a challenge move without enough time for you to reject the idea! Her Lagree Fitness love sprouted in the slow heat of Austin and that’s exactly what you’ll get for your full 50 minutes.

* Advanced Lagree Fitness Certified



True to her initials, this Knock Out from the dusty farm roads of Illinois will kick your ass harder than a hot day baling hay. Kristin has multiple certs and degrees in Exercise Science and loves sharing her knowledge. It was love at first lunge for this runner when she found Lagree Fitness as an effective cross training method - she LOVES a heavy leg series followed by back to back obliques!



Fresh from the balmy streets of HotLanta, Rebecca brings the heat to each and every class she teaches. She loves Real Housewives and dramatic commentary is how she defines a successful class. Get ready for leg shakes and oblique snakes that are sure to guarantee PLNK is the best 50 minutes of your day.



Become invincible with this D1 cheerleader motivating you through her class!  Ellen loves a killer oblique block and never forgets to show your glutes some love too.  Get ready for high energy, sick beats and crazy shakes!  This mega babe will challenge you to push past your limits and make sure you leave thirsty for more!



This Iowa girl will get you shaking during her intense 50-min sweat sesh! Kaci will push you to your limits with proper form and a killer playlist. She loves an Xpress  lunge and a good plank to pike progression. Her high energy and passion for Lagree Fitness will help get you into the best shape of your life! What are you waiting for?