The Lagree Method is the only workout in the world to be patented. 

And, there’s Not just one.

The Method and Megaformer currently hold 72.

PLNK is a small group fitness studio in St. Louis

Efficiency: 50 minutes

Slow, controlled, continuous tension, quick transitions, and effective range of motion keep you in the fat burning zone for the entire duration of class. Weighted springs and a moving platform create continuous tension and demand constant engagement of your core. You will sweat, your muscles will shake, and you will experience the PLNK difference.

High intensity works with low impact

High Intensity, Low Impact

PLNK classes are calorie blasters of high intensity, low impact, exercises that combine the fundamentals of alignment, breath and mindful movement, without the use of momentum to minimize the stress to your joints and spine. You safely work the entire body in 50 minutes of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises. One session at PLNK and you are guaranteed to work muscles you never knew existed. Don't believe us? Wait until the next day.

The Megatransformer will burn 600 calories


Slow is strong. Each move activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers and works the targeted area to fatigue, giving you long, lean results; body alignment improves, the core is strengthened and cardiovascular endurance is increased. Burn an average of 600 calories and jumpstart your metabolism to continue burning fat, calories and repairing muscles over the next 24-48 hours. There’s nothing else like it. Your mega results will prove it.


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